Monday, September 6, 2010

My New Camera Gear

One of the things I wanted to start getting into is portrait photography so I went looking for a lighting kit.

My buddy Mark Chiasson pointed me towards a few links on eBay where I could get this stuff pretty cheaply. I however do not have the patients for finding every little piece I need at the best price. For the heck of it, I went on the Henry's site and found this Westcott Lightstand Kit.  It was exactly what I needed and at what I thought was a good price.

My only problem was that Henry's site did not describe how tall the stand was... which is kind of important. I e-mailed Henry's and the guy at the Dartmouth store had no idea either, as they only know what is on the site as well. On the plus side, he said he could order it in for me and if the height was not to my satisfaction, I didn't have to buy it. Well, it is an 8ft stand! Perfect.

Can't wait to start using it!

FYI: The flash I will be using with it is a Canon 580EX II

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