Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 10 Random Thoughts for Today

Being sick and staying home gives you time to think (all though it hurts) about random shit stuff.

Yesterday I did some work from home but gave up after about 4 hours as I found I could just not be creative enough to write good code. Today my head feels like it is in a vise, so let's see what gets squeezed out!

  1. Why do I always eat up all the Halloween candy before Halloween gets here? Now I just have to go buy more.
  2. I love my iMac!
  3. I miss going down south.
  4. Smarties taste better when you put the whole box in your mouth at once rather than eating one at a time.
  5. People send way to much crap via e-mail that could easily be sent by IM.
  6. Hey twitter people, stop posting links to stuff on your FaceBook page when not everyone uses FB or has access to it from work!
  7. Rolling my chair over hardwood leads to f'd up floors. And... I didn't see that coming, because?
  8. People make fun of me because I like Nickelback. Too f'n bad. If a song rocks, it rocks!
  9. I'm 44 now. How will I ever earn enough money to retire? 
  10. This was a lot harder that I thought.

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