Sunday, November 7, 2010

My 2nd Lesson from the Pro

On Thursday, Nov. 4th, Tanya Reynolds asked me back to help out with a different type of shoot (thank God it was indoors!)... a Christmas themed stock photography shoot for her iStock Photo collection.

My job tonight consisted of helping with the decorating and adjusting the lighting as needed... oh and to find where she last left her flash or pocket wizard.

I had a great time and learned how she used the various lighting setups to get the shots she wanted. It was also fun again watching her work with her models, who were all great by the way! fyi: I didn't draw any blood this time.

Tanya also let me geek out a little bit and set up my camera to do a time lapse of the event. (disclaimer: No models or assistants were harmed or treated poorly in the making of this video)

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