Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Random's

It is Tuesday and I wish it were Friday. Is it the weather that has me in this funk? It can't be February already? Anyhow, here are 10 random thoughts I just came up with in under 2 minutes. 
  1. Can't seem to stay focused or awake today, too much stuff going on in the office.
  2. Dating is a lot of work.
  3. My body is craving exercise, rain please stop so I can go for a few runs this weekend.
  4. I like chocolate way too much.
  5. I want it to be summer, right now!
  6. Why can't cable companies offer ala-carte programming, don't tell me you can't!
  7. I should buy a TV some day.
  8. Why is it when I get one car paid off, I want to go out and buy a new one?
  9. Come on TweetDeck... if a tweet shows in one column don't repeat it in the main feed! Can't be that hard to implement, can it?
  10. I have no style.

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