Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday's Come Too Fast

It is almost 11:30pm and I totally forgot it was Tuesday. Good thing everyone and their dog writes a list similar to this each Tuesday, or I'd never remember.

  1. I need to blog more so there is something here other than 10 random thoughts each Tues.
  2. High School volleyball season is so busy and so fast, the last time I checked, it was summer. (Good excuse for #1)
  3. My 2007 iMac runs as sweet as it did when I got it.
  4. Apparently you can spend $800.00 and have nothing to show for it.
  5. Why does this list have to have 10 items.
  6. Pretty sure Mexico won't be on my travel list for this spring...
  7. Does anyone really read this?
  8. This new juice (Tropicana, Orange Peach Mango) is delicious. I should buy some vodka and sprite, it make a great spritzer.
  9. I still have beer and coolers in my fridge from 2 months ago.
  10. Why do they make a running watch you can't turn off and have to recharge all the time. Someone didn't think that through.

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