Friday, December 31, 2010

Most Used Mac Apps of 2010

Below are a list of Mac apps I just can't live without. Some are free and some I've paid for, but in my mind are well worth it.

  1. Adium (free)
    - Great IM client that I have connected to 2 Google Talk accounts, 2 MSN accounts and a Yahoo account.
  2. Evernote (free version, mac and windows)
    - Though when I first got Evernote I paid for a years use to get a backlog of all my papers and receipts scanned and imported. I don't keep paper documents anymore, I scan, import and schred.
  3. 1Password (paid version)
    - Though 1Password was not free, it is well worth the money. It remembers all my passwords so I don't have to. The browser plug-ins work great... Chrome, Safari & FireFox.
  4. Chrome (free)
    - Awesome browser for the Mac. Blows away Safari and FireFox!
  5. Delibar (free version)
    - I use Delibar to access my delicious bookmarks so I don't have to have plugins in any of my browsers... love the way it integrates with my Mac.
  6. Flickr Uploadr (free)
    - how I get my photos to Flickr
  7. Transmission (free)
    - awesome torrent downloader
  8. TweetDeck (free)
    - great Twitter client for Mac/Windows running on Adobe Air
  9. TeamViewer (free)
    - Great client for doing remote computer support to either Mac or Windows machines
  10. Aperture (paid)
    - Fantastic photo organizer, editing, manager
  11. Dropbox (free version)
    - Easiest way to sync files between computers in your house or anywhere for that matter.
  12. Avery DesignPro for Mac (free)
    - If you have to print labels of any kind, this software from Avery makes it dirt simple.
  13. Pixelmator (paid)
    - All I have to say about this app is that, there is nothing I haven't been able to do with it that I've had to use Photoshop for in the past. At $59.00 it is a no brainer.
  14. Skype (free)
    - When dealing with people that don't have a Mac, Skype is great for those audio and/or video chats.

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