Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dropping Flickr and Moving to Google+

With the recent explosion of Google+, especially in the area of photography, it got me thinking about whether I should keep my photos up on Flickr or make the move to G+.

I have been on Flickr for years now and have over 61,000 views on my images. I'm paying for the Pro account so I could upload full-res images. You see, I had been using Flickr as my photo backup as well as my display area. Yes I was backing up my images to an external hard drive, but that really does not help me, if God forbid, my house was to burn down or something.

In the past few months as Google+ has becoming more popular, I keep reading articles on how Yahoo seems to be loosing interest in Flickr. Top individuals of Flickr have also been leaving the organization. And really, has Yahoo done ANYTHING in recent years to compete. I originally joined Flickr when it was run by its creators, Ludicorp of Vancouver back in 2004. I wanted to support a Canadian company.

My Flickr Pro account is coming up for renewal in May at a cost of 24.95 USD/Year. Not outrageous by any means, but still a cost.

With the renewal coming up, the things I'm hearing about Yahoo and how G+ is coming on strong it was time to re-think my Photo strategy.

My goal has always been to share my photos on-line and make sure they are also safe. This is what I am doing now:

1. Backing up my photos

My computer and photos are backed up to an external drive (my Drobo) using the local feature of CrashPlan (the Drobo unit contains 4 hard drives, so even if one fails, it will continue to work without any data loss).

My computer and photos are also backed up to the "cloud" via CrashPlan, I purchased the 4 year plan at a cost of $118.99 or approx. $30/year for unlimited backup ... small price to pay for peace of mind.

* For those of you who can't afford the cloud backup solution of CrashPlan, you can still use the free account to backup to a friend who is also using CrashPlan... great free way to have an off-site backup.

2. Showing my photos

I am currently in the process of putting my photos up on Google+. With this I am no longer putting every single image on-line, only the ones I consider to be my best. As I gain more experience as a photographer, I take fewer pictures, delete more, and show less.

One of the other features that helped me decide to move to G+ is that G+ allows you to upload unlimited photos for FREE, as long as you don't mind having them re-sized. See here for more info...

Personally, since these are only being viewed on the web, I re-size all my images to fit within 1600x1600 pixels.

3. Why not FaceBook you ask?

I think this is another blog post entirely, but in short, everyone uses FaceBook for different things, personally I try and keep mine more personal and closed to the public, so only showing images there, will only get seen by a handful of peeps. Maybe one day when I consider myself a "pro" photographer, will I create a "fan" page to market my business.


So there you have it. This is my solution that still allows me to show off photos and keep everything safe in case of something unexpected happens.

Leave a comment and let me know what kinds of things you are doing to keep your precious images safe.


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