Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creating an Image Layout for Your Blog Post

Have you ever seen those photography blogs where they show their photos in a very magazine like layout? You know, not 2 across or 3 across or one on top of the other in a very "boring" layout...

I tried to do this in one of my recent posts using a manual method of cropping and resizing images into a photo editing tool. Let me tell you, it wasn't fun.

So I did a little searching and even asked my friend Tanya Reynolds how she does it on her blog. Tanya pointed me to a little piece of software that she uses called Storyboard. Wow it looked perfect, but there was only one problem, I don't use Photoshop. Doah.

Back to the drawing board...

So for my photography, the software I use 99% of the time, is Apple's Aperture. So I went looking through their list of 3rd party plugins, but could not find anything that allowed me to do what I needed. Then I thought to myself, "man I wish there was something out there that worked as easily as the Apple Books feature in Aperture"... and bam, it hit me. Why not use the Books feature! You say what?!

Yep, it was easy (with a few steps involved):

1. Select the book theme that will create a look close to what you want. In my case I picked "Modern Lines" theme.

2. Fill the book with the photos you want in your blog post. (Don't forget, you can change any page to pretty much any layout you want).

3. When you are happy with the layout and have adjusted your images to fit, it's now time to print. Yep, I said print.
- select the Print option
- select the pages you want to print, in my case I picked 6-9 (don't worry, yes 7 & 8 are blank, but that's ok)
- now select the PDF drop-down box and select "Aperture as PDF", this will save the individual pages you have selected back into Aperture as PDF's

4. So now the last step is to just export those "page images" to the size you need and add them to your blog. Done.

If you have any other tips on creating layouts for blog posts using Aperture, please feel free to add them to the comments area.


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