Thursday, January 21, 2016

Moto 360 Sport Series - Introduction

Last week I purchased the Moto 360 Sport through Telus here in Canada and it arrived yesterday! Woo! After taxes it was $379.00 + tax, ouch!

I have been reading about this smart watch since it was first announced and even with some of the negative reviews I still think it was the right device for me. I was not interested in a "GPS Assisted" device such as the Apple iWatch ($449 + tax) or the Fitbit Blaze ($249.95 + tax).

Some of the negative comments included such things as:
  • you have to charge nightly
  • high price
  • strap picks up lint & dirt
  • battery life
  • limited features when running (i.e. no auto pause and no laps)
I wanted to write my experiences in case your expectations are similar to mine. I'm not looking for a fitness watch that does it all, I don't need it for biking, swimming or advanced training. I workout on a regular basis and run from time to time and go on the odd hike. That's about it. I do have a Garmin 405 running watch and I've only ever used the basic settings with it. That watch now is starting to show its age and not working 100% of the time, so soon(ish) I was going to have to get something else.

What are my reasons for wanting the Moto 360 Sport?
  • want to be able to leave my phone (Nexus 5) in my pocket or backpack and getting and acting on notifications, from my wrist
  • those days I want to go for a run (phone free)
  • monitoring my fitness level during bootcamp workouts (phone free)
  • quick access to seeing what time it is
So during this series I'll be writing down my thoughts, likes, dislikes & tips as my new toy and I get to know one another.

Stay tuned for "Day 1".

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