Thursday, January 21, 2016

Moto 360 Sport Series - Day 1

Day 1:

Today is the first full day I'll be using my watch. Today started at 5AM strapping my watch, after it being on charge overnight.

I leave my watch in always on mode to I can see what time it is without tapping my watch. I want to see how this affects the battery life.

2:00 PM

As of this part of the day, so far I've received a few e-mail notifications, a message about traffic for when I leave for the gym and as well, viewed and replied to a few text message using the (voice to text). I was pretty impressed, how easy it was to do. Right now my watch is at 68% and my phone is at 63% (it did an update this afternoon).

4:15 PM Bootcamp Time!

I normally get to class about 3:30 and do a light workout and warm-up. I used the watch to track that. It was active for about 18 minutes.

I then started another workout session to track the actual bootcamp class. That session lasted 44 minutes.

I will say that wearing the watch during a workout is not a problem at all, it really doesn't get in my way.

After bootcamp I used the watch a few times to respond to notifications, but other than that, nothing.

8:00 PM DOA!

The watch shuts off, battery dead. Well that certainly didn't make it all the way through the day. It lasted a total of 15 hours.

So, today I had the watch in "always on mode", meaning you can always see the time. Tomorrow I'll put it in "theatre mode" which leaves the display off until I tap it. Tomorrow will be a similar routine, all day at work, then bootcamp.

Let's see if tomorrow is any better.

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