Friday, January 22, 2016

Moto 360 Sport Series - Day 2

Today I'm mixing things up a bit to see how the battery life is affected.

6:00 AM

Took the watch off its charging station and put it into "theatre mode", meaning the display is off until I turn it on. I might add, it only took an hour to fully charge last night.

11:00 AM

Only checked my watch a few times, currently at 94%!

4:00 PM - Workout Session

For my workout session I once again started an "in-door" workout to track my stats and left the display at "always on". When the workout was complete I put it back in "theatre mode".

7:30 PM

Watch is at 72% Success! I have now put it back in always on mode and will leave it as is for the rest of the night.

So, I think the trick here is, if there are times during the day when you don't need to be getting notifications on your wrist, or watching the time, put the watch in theatre mode and just push the button to wake it up, when you need it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt the same thing as today, but during the workout session put the watch in theatre mode during the workout and only wake it back up to stop the workout.

Stay tuned!

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